The Hidnander Manifesto

The Hidnander Manifesto

For truth, look deeper.

The Hidnander project reclaims tactile, dependable values for the fashion industry. We reject digital dehumanization and mute the squeals of social media. We rejoice in quality products and quality relationships: truth, substance and knowledge, communicated directly.

Hidnander is fashion with soul, fashion without fiction, and worn by individuals, real people, who see image as precious, worth taking care of – as we do. Hidnander products revise style archetypes, restore quality and revive faith in this whole lousy business.

Each sneaker is a twisted classic, and hand-made in Italy. “Anti Icon” defines Hidnander’s creative approach. To conceal what other brands show. Layers are obscured or disguised, a secret between makers and wearer. No branding. No logos. No stars or stripes.

The wearer is hero.

Design employs mix-and-mismatch. Icon products are stripped down and remade. With every Hidnander item there is a jarring recognition, comfort and discord. Hidnander sells only via bricks-and-mortar stores: real stores not petting zoos for online shopping. Distribution is entrusted to select wholesalers with unique knowledge of their markets and genuine connection with their communities. Hidnander decries shameless waste and meaningless transit – the collateral damage of modern consumerism. The internet is a mall. In every city people dress the same, homogenised by algorithm.

Hidnander is for the customer who wants something pure; who wants authenticity. For real, not faux real. We are for the curious and the outliers, the disaffected and the individuals, for people who ask questions and lust for meaning. Limited products for the dedicated and discerning. Zero compromise on quality! Hidnander comprises a collaboration of artists, designers, craftspeople and wholesalers – specialists & visionaries who challenge the hegemony of fast fashion, low standards and digital domination. Fashion is a pretender, a lie to make you buy. Only quality endures.

Hidnander: No False Idols.